In the winter of 2012, Katie Allcorn and Jessie Cibik started Folklore as a creative outlet. Folklore tells the stories of truly imaginative doers who create and sustain impressive things. Folklore is Austin-based and mostly local but more importantly, it is a hub where you can learn about people, businesses and ideas that are worth sharing.

Katie and her Mississippi drawl landed in the Lonestar state in 2010 and she actively stirs the Austin melting pot. When not designing, Katie can be found neglecting her herb garden and doting on her husband. She has been known to obsessively make lists, and she exists in a constant state of wondering whether she should or should not move to the country.

Jessie hails from Houston/Sugar Land/Richmond, TX depending on what day you ask her. She is best known for her noodly dance moves and a Glamour Shot she took when she was 6 years old. When left alone for more than 24 hours, she can be found rearranging her furniture and searching for the perfect reason to go to Graduate school.

Katie and Jessie have been friends for as far back as they care to remember. Their goal with Folklore is to shed light on people who they’ve watched and admired. Frankly, they’re here to introduce those who have the balls to do the things that they wish they could.