Inspired: Catching up with Rhoda Brimberry

Rhoda Brimberry of Loot Vintage Rentals on her favorite designers or artists, other than Loot.

1. Regine Ramseier’s dandelion installation

I love magical installations. It is simply breathtaking. And, seriously, you’d have to hold your breath to enter this room so not to destroy the art! Something about creating a still form of art out of something that is so very fragile and often times insignificant in nature. I appreciate that she gave these little castaways center-stage.


via ArToll

2. Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Untitled (1991)

One of my favorite art exhibits. I saw his exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth years ago. It is created entirely of mint green cellophane candy scattered about the floor that patrons are allowed to take. The very act of taking one piece from the whole completely changes the structure and composition of the piece and really redefined for me the meaning of art and the fluidity of the process. Plus, I just loved the sea of color formed by those tiny pieces of candy.


Image courtesy of the Williams College Museum of Art; photo by Roman Iwasiwka

3. Alyson Fox

This Austinite creates some very magical things. From pillows to scarves, to jewelry and items that she says have no end usage, this girl truly is a jack of all trades and media. And not just that, she’s an expert in all areas, it seems. My love for her beautifully clean design is a no-brainer, but what I love most about her is that she’s not on the social media train. No pinteresting for this gal to jump start ideas. She gathers inspiration from her surroundings and within…the old school way.


Via Better Living Through Design

4. Wes Anderson

Always inspiring. Love the subject matter, love the visuals , the music. He always creates wonderful characters and casts with some favorites like Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.  I especially love the set design and his use of vintage. His art is so well defined that his name is also an adjective. Now that’s reaching the pinnacle.


5. Shel Silverstein

I am always a fan of people who are artists in a number of areas. And those that create amazing, definitive work. I enjoy his simple pen drawings. And his poetry is so fun, simple, poignant and often sad at the same time. My first grader, pre-schooler and I love to sit together reading the pages and losing ourselves in his art. I remember being introduced to his books when I was little and thinking hard about the meaning behind his words. I wonder if they continue to think through the ideas long after we’ve closed the books for the night.