It’s about to get hot, y’all

You won’t catch many Austinites complaining about the heat. It’s just the way things are around these parts. We, personally, love a perpetual thin layer of sweat – our Texas glow. And even though this spring has been creeping up on us ever-so-slowly, we all know what Spring means around here. Summer. We’re talking 60-90, record-breaking days at 100-plus degrees with lackluster thermostats that are just crying to keep up.

Those dripping days of summer when the beautiful, Austin women walk around virtually naked and quietly miserable are right around the corner. So in anticipation, we encourage the Austin public to put some time in with those temporarily pasty prospectives before they put on their summer skin. The trick is to get in on their good side early, and here are seven ideas on things to do before it gets too damn hot to truly enjoy them.

… And of course they all involve alcohol, because it is Austin after all.

1. Follow the Dripping Springs Wine Trail


Photo Credit: Discover Texas Wine


2. Open Air Happy Hour at Contigo


Photo Credit: John Pesina


3. Pick up a sixer from Thom’s Market for a round of Pitch & Putt at Bulter Park


Photo Credit: Carlton Wade


4. Live music at the Sahara Lounge, formerly TC’s Lounge


Photo Credit: The Austin Times


5. BYOB at the Blue Starlite Drive-in (oh yeah, and totally makeout)


Photo Credit: Number 9 Photograph


6. Enjoy a Slice and Craft Brew at Jester King Brewery and Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza


Photo Credit: Michael Donk

7. Pick up dinner for two and wine to-go at Fresa’s drive-thru and head to Zilker Park for a sunset picnic.


Photo Credit: Grubbus