Made in Austin: Barton Springs Pool Day


1. Curlee Bikini: It was hard to pick just one of these swimsuits, but you’ll fit in with the Barton Spring’s regulars in no time in this high-cut gem. The patterned top will have you meshing with the yogi’s, and the high-cut bottom will have you jiving with the older South Austin, hippie crowd. Go boho, y’all!

2. I’d Rather Be Short: Pick up a copy of this witty book, written and illustrated by the lively, Austin doodler, Becky Murphy. Spend the afternoon having a laugh and admiring her drawings as she convinces you that short people have more fun.

3. Kosmic Kombucha: You didn’t really think we’d send you off to Barton Springs without a tasty beverage, did you? This kombucha is brewed right here in Austin, and it’s some of the best on the town shelves. Our flavor pick: Sway Home Brew. This brew is so refreshing and perfect for some poolside lounging!

4. Noah Marion Tote: This canvas and leather tote is a great investment for Austin summer activities. Noah makes timeless bags that last and age to perfection. At the end of the summer, you’ll have a bag full of character and stories.