Samantha Jensen – Bricolage Curated Florals

It all started with a Mason jar…

That’s not entirely true. It’s actually not true at all. But we need to explain that Samantha (Sam) Jensen, the little lady behind Bricolage Curated Florals, recognized the potential of the Mason jar way before Pinterest featured it, put a flower in it, put a tealight in it, painted it, grew a succulent out of it and then over did it.

(NOTE/CONFESSION: We still shamelessly love to utilize the Mason jar.)



Photo courtesy of Kate LeSueur

Ok, now let’s start Sam’s story from the beginning-ish.

Sam describes herself as a homegrown Austinite. We searched long and hard for a “homegrown” synonym that would do her rootedness justice, but she nailed it.

There’s a certain creativity and joy about homegrown Austinites that screams, “I’m actually from here!” Sam is definitely one of those. She’s a tiny, energy-packed barista/florist (we’re focusing on the florist portion), who was born and raised in “the stix of Austin,” as she lovingly describes it. Those stix have since been replaced by Circle C, but she remembers the area fondly in its original state.

Sammie_Quote1Like most friends of Folklore, Sam has been known to take on a hobby or two and then lose interest. We love hobby-jumpers. They’re usually the ones who land on something that others didn’t have the experience or creative range to think up, and then we get to meet them.

Sam’s story isn’t immediately different than some others we’ve told. She had a very limited wedding budget and wanted to save money where she could. Because she was well-versed in creative hobbies, she was confident she could make this work. She and her husband had a picnic-style wedding in Zilker Park, made their own food for the reception, and she did her own flowers. So Sam’s floral design adventure started in none other than a Mason jar (or several) full of hill country wildflowers on the day she said, “I do.”

“They’ll always be special to me, but ahhh! What the hell was I thinking? These are terrible!,” she says as if she’s looking at those flowers now.

Here’s where her story is different: It turns out Sam’s a floral mastermind with an eye for mature, romantic arrangements that will charm the pants right off of you. “It’s a totally emotional outlet for me,” Sam explains. “I feel like you can look at my arrangements and get some sort of emotion from them.”



Photo courtesy of The Life You Love Photography


Photo courtesy of The Life You Love Photography


She finds herself saying, “This is my favorite one!,” after completing almost every arrangement, and we understand why. There’s a raw kindness about her florals that could make any space more welcoming. “It’s amazing to me that the earth is capable of producing such great things, and I have the opportunity to play with them.”

Sam enjoys that flowers, much like many hobbies, don’t last forever. “I know I’ve done a good job when an arrangement looks good even after it’s dead,” she says. Lucky for us, Sam’s affinity for this particular hobby stuck and is only blossoming. Sorry, we couldn’t resist that play on words. Yew go girl!

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