The Life You Love Photography – Leah Muse and Lindsey Baker

Lindsey Baker and Leah Muse, the beauts behind The Life You Love Photography, do in fact love life, love and photography. Cool right? But even cooler, they loved each other long before they got to live out their dream of working together.  Their love for each other makes us love them, and we think you will love them, too. Here goes…

There are apps and websites out the wazoo that help you find a lover. But what about a stranger who totes knows your boyfriend is a jerk, turned IRL best friend, turned business partner? There’s an app for that: Live Journal, circa 2000 ish. You know, back when there were still Blockbusters (hold on to that reference).



Well, Leah and Lindsey’s love story started on Live Journal 10 years ago. The girls were only sharing their most intimate thoughts with a few hundred deserving strangers, and they serendipitously found one another in the midst of it. Leah sums up the evolution of their love in one flash of several memories ‘Oh you’re so pretty. You’re worth so much more, stranger! I’d date you if I were a boy.’ And now we’re best friends.”

Years passed, and their unique high school sweetheart tale developed. The girls coincidentally  ventured to Austin after high school. Leah followed her boyfriend and landed a job at the now meer memory, Blockbuster (there it is!), and Lindsey came for school.  It was ultimately a SXSW Red Bull party that brought them together face-to-face.

Their friendship flourished, and soon, Leah needed a hobby and bought a 50 mm camera. She fumbled her way through the settings and it ultimately led to her shooting weddings.

Lindsey reminds Leah of a time she talked specifically about her love for wedding photography on her blog. “I thought, ‘who just loves wedding photography?,’” Lindsey laughed. They confidently agreed that the answer was no one… except them.




It was another case of young and lasting love that first drew Leah to wedding photography. “I was in a really newlywed, love is the best! state of mind,” she says. “When wedding photography is awesome, and when you can see emotions in it, you can see how beautiful the day can be.”

Lindsey followed Leah to a couple wedding shoots, and learned the ropes along the way. Lighting. Camera settings. When to be where. How to anticipate important moments. How to work together. “Ohhhhhh wedding photography,” Lindsey recalls the moments when she saw the greatness in it all.


They shot weddings for three or four years before they decided to launch their own company. “We used to daydream on our way back from jobs; ‘some day we’ll have our own company,;” Lindsey remembered.

It wasn’t perfect from day-one. “We won’t show you the beginning. It was embarrassing,” Leah said. “Even from a year ago, our stuff is different.” But now they’ve accomplished what can only come from experience and trust in one another. The girls have a seamless, organic aesthetic. They both agree that where they are now is where they’ve always wanted to be.  They’ve mastered capturing romance and emotion in a completely authentic way. Nothing cheesey. Nothing forced. Just true emotion at the right moments.





All photos courtesy of The Life You Love Photography.